Why we write

Scott Perkins, Author


Whether or not you want to be a “writer” you must write.  Inscribed on metal, incised on clay tablets, ink on paper, you must write.  Your life is an historic moment, a unique part of the vast tapestry and your story will be lost if you do not write it down.

To refuse to write is to choose to be forgotten.


Because your thoughts are important and anyone who tells you they are not is an idiot and/or someone trying to make a living by telling you that their thoughts are important.

They are not.

A careful study of history will astound you not because we know so much, but that we surmise so much from so little.

More has been forgotten than we will ever know.

Entire lives have been sucked into the void of time because those who lived them did not record them.  And even…

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About Scott Perkins Writes

Washington-based Writer, Puppeteer, History Nut, Craftsman, Toymaker, and Sculptor of Reluctant Media. Author of 'Howard Carter Saves the World' Crooked Cat Press (UK & US) 2015
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