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Lizzie Koch


The poster says it all and what a sale. I’ve loaded up my kindle already with some fab titles from amazing authors, and now my essay has finished and my WI presentation is done and dusted, I can hopefully get some reading done this Easter.


And some writing! Both have been seriously neglected recently but it never stops the ideas; my head is full of them, and my laptop and notebooks full of unfinished stories. After the success of my WI talk, I am now hungry to write the third instalment for Katie Button too. The ideas are percolating, the characters louder in my head. I don’t mind. I like them. Katie is a girl after my own heart; she loves drinking cocktails especially mojitos and loves chocolate brownies. Both feature heavily in my two novels.

The Adventures of Katie Button (6)20170520_160505-1 (1)

Romance, chicklit with historical twists, quirkiness and humour.

Brimming with romance, humour and sexual tension as Katie's chaotic everyday life collides with a crazy dream world. I'd reccomm (2) One of my favourite reviews. 


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