Author visit – Paula Williams

What made Paula Williams turn to crime?

Katys Writing Coffee Shop

My guest today is murder mystery author Paula Williams whose books like mine are published by Crooked Cat. I hugely enjoyed reading Murder Served Cold and Rough and Deadly so I’m keen to find out more about the person who wrote them. What can I get you, Paula?

I’d love a black Americano – with a lovely squidgy chocolate brownie please

Great choice! Thanks for agreeing to answer a few questions about yourself and your writing. Firstly I was wondering, if you could be any fictional character for a day who would you choose?

If it’s only for a day then I’d like to be Scarlet O’Hara. I’d love to be as feisty as she was. But I think 24 hours in her skin would probably be enough. Oh yes, and I’d make sure she had the sense not to let Rhett Butler walk away!

What have you been…

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