New Release: The Punished by Cy Forrest

Join us for today’s release, the gripping tale, The Punished, by Cy Forrest, linking the past to the present. Discover it here!

England, 1943.

The British Army occupies Tyneham and captures Jack after his one-man stand fails. The Punished - High ResolutionCommanding Officer Hulford-Prandy forces the eighteen-year-old to handle BLISS, a deadly chemical weapon.
Jack falls for radar operator Gin, but so does Hulford-Prandy who inveigles Gin into the Special Operations Executive, sending her to destroy a munitions factory in France and making sure she’s captured. Jack never gets over his loss.

Forty years later.

City high-flyer Alexis is cornered by three veiled women at her mother’s funeral. They want to discover what happened to her mother, Gin, during the war. Alexis doesn’t know. She has no idea why Gin gave her up for adoption, nor why the name of her biological father is a secret. When she’s scattering Gin’s ashes in the ghost village of Tyneham, as requested by her mother, she meets a loner, Aidan, who knows everything and claims BLISS is still in the soil.
His dire warning sends her fleeing back to London where her boss tells her not to wear tights, slashes her bonus, and praises the willingness of a young intern. Summoning her mother’s wartime spirit, Alexis confronts the bully.
She uncovers the truth about Gin and returns to Tyneham where Aidan’s made a huge discovery about BLISS. She follows him into occupied territory demanding the truth, and the American bullets start flying.

Readers will be gripped by a fast-paced, dark and twisting journey in four parts:
Jack’s conversion from rebellious eighteen-year-old to peace campaigner; his son Aidan’s search for the truth; Gin’s journey from naive but plucky youngster to secret war hero, risking her life many times over with a grenade in her pocket; and her daughter Alexis’s transformation from downtrodden to triumphant and courageous woman.

Find it on Amazon in ebook and paperback formats!


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