Man on the Moon

CC Author T E Taylor reveals important news about the Moon …

Tim's Blog

In this little piece written at Meltham writing group a few weeks ago, I exclusively reveal an important scientific discovery about the moon …

There was a slight thud as the lander hit the surface. Mason grabbed his helmet and carefully screwed it into position. It took him at least a minute to be sure it was properly fixed to his suit, by which time the other three occupants were already waiting at the airlock.  ‘First time I’ve used one of these,” he said into his microphone, embarrassed. The others were astronauts, professionals. He was an engineer.

As he stepped out onto the lunar surface, waves of sensation and emotion passed over him. The utter blackness of the sky, and within it the fat blue hemisphere of the earth. The weight of his body in the Moon’s gravity – a change from the weightlessness of space, but still odd. And…

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Voice and Volubility

Kathy Sharp

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when two or more writers are placed in a confined space the volume of chatter will threaten to blow the roof off. I suppose it’s the solitary and silent nature of most writing that makes us all so voluble when we meet.

It was certainly the case at the Dorset Writers Network Writers’ Open House at Dorchester last weekend, where I had volunteered to help answer visitors’ questions. And what a range of questions! How can I publish my poetry? What do I say when I’m asked to critique other people’s work at my writing group? How do I pitch my non-fiction book to a publisher? How do I tighten up the dialogue in my TV script? On and on it went –they all certainly found their voices, and I was hoarse when I got home. Many of the questions were tough to…

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Boats in the Air

Kathy Sharp

IMG_8190Back in 2012 during the London Olympics, I stood in a crowd at Newton’s Cove, Weymouth, watching the sailing events. Ben Ainslie won his gold medal for GB, and we all jumped up and down and cheered like mad. It was a special moment. Five years later I stood with my hands on the gunwale of the boat he sailed that day. That was a special moment, too.

This was one of the wonderful exhibits at the National Maritime Museum (Cornwall) at Falmouth, which I visited a few weeks ago. It’s a striking building, perched right on the water’s edge, and includes a tower with a panoramic view from the top and a glass-walled room at the base under the waterline, so visitors can see estuarine fish and sea creatures swimming right in front of their noses.

IMG_8191I loved that, but it was the huge display of boats that really…

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An Event – 29 October

News of an event at the end of the month involving CC authors T E Taylor and Angela Wren

Tim's Blog

Some news hot off the press about an exciting event coming up at the end of the month!  On Sunday 29 October, from 2 to 4pm I’m going to be doing a reading event with two other authors, at The Gallery in Slaithwaite.

I’ll be reading excerpts from Revolution Day and talking about the inspiration for the book. Sharing the limelight will Christina Longden, author of Mind Games and Ministers and A Cuckoo in the Chocolate, romantic comedies with a political and satirical edge (and a friend from Holmfirth Writers Group); and fellow Crooked Cat author Angela Wren whose crime novels Messandriere and Merle are set in France (Angela has visited this blog a couple of times).  So there will be a good mix of fiction – politics, intrigue, crime and romance – with some synergies between the different books.  You can find out more about Chris and Angela via the links at the bottom of this…

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Serendipity – and storytelling

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Originally posted on The Knitted Curiosity Cabinet:
Serendipity. Sometimes it’s all you could possibly ask for. This week I’ve had three unexpectedly inspiring experiences. Firstly, one of my fellow Crooked Cats spent the day here on the island on Monday…

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