Strange Reunion

A short sci-fi story from CC author Tim (T E) Taylor

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I’ve always been a little bit phobic about the transporter machine, the way other people are phobic about spaceflight or cryogenic preservation, or spiders. Funnily enough, those things have never bothered me – the risks of going into space are real, but so low that they are not worth worrying about, and cryo-sleep is just like normal sleep only deeper and longer. And spiders – well, I used to have one as a pet.

Unfortunately, the reality is that, in my line of work, space travel just takes too long – way too long – if you’re doing business over long distances. I can hardly spend four years in suspended animation and then expect the deal I was chasing to be still on the table when I arrive at the far end, can I? So transportation it has to be. I know the stats – that it’s safer than…

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10 Reasons Why We Need to Talk about Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Revealed

We Need to Talk about Social Anxiety

This is what I believe passionately. It’s why I wrote the book: Social Anxiety Revealed and why I’m so excited about its publication next month.

Why is it so important?

1. People with social anxiety are misunderstood

Misunderstandings occur in so many ways. For instance, other people think that a man who has never had a girlfriend must be gay; that anyone who is isolated from society prefers to be that way; that someone who doesn’t state a view doesn’t have one; that keeping quiet is a sign of stupidity.

No one likes to be misunderstood. Social anxiety sufferers are poorly equipped to change misconceptions about themselves.

2. People with social anxiety are ignored

It’s natural to want to interact with those who are friendly, lively, fun to be with. Those who are quiet and hold back are more work. Why make the effort?

3. People with social anxiety are…

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Homage to Catullus

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It’s been a little while since I posted a poem on here, so I thought I’d share this one today.  It was inspired by a poem by the Roman poet Catullus (one of my favourite poets), from which I took the title – it means, roughly, ‘evil Troy’.  Just across the straits from Troy is Gallipoli, which saw more slaughter millenia later, prompting me to wonder what the dead of those two wars might say to each other.

Troia (nefas!)

Do they wander unseen among the hordes

of tourists in the crumbled ruins of Troy?

Those shades of Trojan and Achaean lords,

of noble Hector, fearsome Achilles

and the unnumbered wraiths of lesser men

culled as the harvest of the heroes’ spears.

And are they glad that still, time and again

their deaths are re-imagined for the screen;

romanticised, as if each stolen life

was taken in a worthwhile cause, and not

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Poetry: CARTLOADS by Sue Barnard

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Genre: Society, Rhyme

(with profuse apologies to John Masefield)

Elegant young lady dressed in black Versace

gliding around Waitrose with a leisured ease,

with a cartload of oysters, mussels, truffles,

fillet steak, Bollinger, and Stilton cheese.

Smartish young accountant still in office outfit

trudging around Sainsbury’s on her homeward way,

with a cartload of pasta, chicken, houmous,

pitta bread, Camembert and Chardonnay.

Shabby hungry student rushing back from lectures,

dashing around Tesco in her faded jeans,

with a cartload of cider, Cheddar, pizza,

sliced bread, sausages and cheap baked beans.

Sue Barnard

Author and Editor at Crooked Cat Books

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The Unkindest Cut of All

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Great Summer Reads II – Paranormal

What will you be reading this summer?

The Knitted Curiosity Cabinet

090717 paranormal summer reading covers

‘Paranormal’ is a genre I love to read, whether it crosses over with romance, horror, or pure adventure. It’s a pretty broad category, and these are all very different books. But the five I didn’t write myself are all among my favourites reads, and I recommend all of them.

Storm Bound is my favourite in Dani Harper’s Grim series – a modern take on fairies, witches, and transformative magic. Her books are exciting, romantic, and often quite funny, and even the most bizarre of her fantastic creatures becomes somehow completely believable. If your heart doesn’t break for spellbound Aidan then it must be made of stone.

Jami Gold’s Mythos series introduces a whole range of stories that spring from the supposition that there is a mythical realm lying adjacent to our own – from this realm all our human mythologies arise. She has written a series of books, each focusing…

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