Postcard from Caldes 1

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Bon dia! (That is Catalan) I am having a lovely holiday – able to indulge two of my passions at once – learning languages & making friends with animals or humans.

We are in a campsite just outside Caldes de Montbui which isn’t far from Barcelona.

This is only my first full day here but already I’ve been out adventuring. Please note that this holiday could end up as another book to rival Four Go Mad in Catalonia about our last disastrous attempt to vacation around this area. If you haven’t read it you can download it free from Goodreads, there don’t say I never give you freebies!

Yesterday I thought Badger was going to explode when we found the supermarket but couldn’t find the way in from the roundabout. In true Spanish style the sign “Entrada” was visible but apparently inaccessible. Once in there, he found he was…

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What Happened to the Art of Letter Writing?

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The noble art of letter writing seems to have gone into freefall. I think this is a shame, although I am the first to admit that I rarely find time these days to write more than the tersest of emails. As a literary device, letters are a gift for authors, as I know from my own experience. But are their days numbered?

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Oi! You! Immigrant!


From this side of Dover

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There was a lot of chat on FB over the past few days about this article  about ex-pat Brits in Spain.

This has prompted me to reveal a teaser from my memoirs “Knitting With Eels” about my life in France over the past 25 years.

Although I have met many Brits over here who integrate, learn the language and are perfectly civilized, there is a hard-core of ex-Empire mentality ones who seem to think they are doing the natives a favour just by gracing them with their presence.

In desperation, when in Brittany, I invited some of the female members of this “rather die than learn French” group over to my house for regular coffee mornings, during which I tried to teach them what I call “first aid French”. This involved useful things like phoning a doctor or garage, exchanging the small pleasantries with neighbours that get one accepted in…

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“My Lovely Blog” Hop

“My Lovely Blog” Hop.

via “My Lovely Blog” Hop.

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Lady on the move.

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A friend and fellow-author has recently been trotting across the world so she kindly agreed to pop over for a chat today. Jane Bwye! Come in and sit down. I have Rooibos tea specially prepared if you are still in Kenya mode and there are cakes from Pierre’s bakery as I didn’t have time to do them.

Sit yourself down and tell us about your travels. I’m all agog.

Dust(640x359) Dust!

I love Rooibos tea – thank you Ailsa. And do you know – I never had one cup of it over the seven weeks of my stay in Africa. Did you feel my hell-kiss as I passed over you on my return flight? I even caught a glimpse of the eclipse out of the plan window that Friday!

It was very hot in Kenya, dusty and brown. They haven’t had any rain to speak of for over a year…

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