Meet the Crooked Cat Authors

News of an exciting event involving 3 Crooked Cat authors!

Tim's Blog

I’m very much looking forward to joining two other Yorkshire-based Crooked Cat authors for a reading event next Thursday.

Angela Wren (with whom I shared another event last October) will be talking about her crime novel, Merle, in which investigator Jacques Foret delves into the murky world of commercial sabotage – a place where people lie and misrepresent.

Also there will be John Jackson, a retired ship’s Captain who lives in York and writes historical fiction based on his remarkably colourful family tree!  He will be introducing his book, Heart of Stone, the story of a girl who is owned by an Earl, but loved by his brother.

And I, of course, will be talking about Revolution Day, in which ageing dictator Carlos Almanzor clings to power as his vice-president plots against him and his estranged wife writes her memoir of their marriage and of Carlos’ rise to power and descent from idealism into autocracy.

So if you’re…

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Competition Time!

Jennifer C. Wilson

For anyone who has read Kindred Spirits: Royal Mile, the above scene might just seem familiar. If you haven’t, well, let’s just say one of the ghosts finds the notion of a group of selfie-takers far too hard to resist… You’ll have to read it to find out who! But the image made me smile, and seems perfect to help launch my new competition.


To celebrate the release of Kindred Spirits: Westminster Abbey on 8th June this year, I’m kicking off the first of my launch competitions – to win this pretty little Westminster Abbey travel-card holder. All you have to do to get your name in the draw, is take a selfie of yourself with either of the previous Kindred Spirits novels, in any format. Because I am nice, ‘selfie’ can also include pets, partners, and intelligent-looking pot-plants…

Upload your images to Twitter, Instagram or onto my Facebook…

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Forty Years

Today’s the day. Or is it?

An' de walls came tumblin' down

Which forty years am I referring to in my title?

The Children of Israel spent forty years wandering in the desert before they came to the Promised Land. (Some say that’s because they got lost, which in turn is because men are always too proud to ask for directions.) Some of the Israelites gave up hope of ever arriving and wished they’d stayed in Egypt rather than following Moses out and across the Red Sea as the waves parted. Yet they reached their destination in the end and lived happily ever after… well, almost. We’ve just celebrated their escape from Egypt as we do each year on Seder night – the first night of Passover.

But that’s not the forty years I meant.

Alan Bennett’s first West End play was called Forty years On.

No, not that either.

WeddingRingThis is it: Forty years ago, David Drori placed this ring…

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Son of Cliché Rides Again

The Bingergread Cottage

You know what I hate about clichés?  A great way to write lazily, obviously and avoids the need to be innovative, of course …. but mainly I loathe them because they are true. Except …

In one second my whole life came crashing down – piffle! I am a disaster-magnet and very rarely does anything happen in one go to ruin your existence! Believe me. In my experience it is much more like wearing a huge sombrero, standing under balconies with small children lobbing pebbles into the brim. The effect is cumulative.

Take my absence from social media for the last few months. Please do, I wish someone would, they have not been fun.

It started with a biggie which would have floored most people. My husband, having been diagnosed with terminal untreatable cancer, asked me not to let him go into hospital and his specialist put me…

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The Prisoner

An excerpt from T E Taylor’s novel Revolution Day – available for 99p in the Crooked Cat sale – today only!

Tim's Blog

My novel Revolution Day is currently available for 99p in the Crooked Cat Easter Sale, along with lots of other great books – today is your last chance to snap it up for the reduced price.   To whet your appetite, here’s a short excerpt.  Ageing dictator Carlos Almanzor is taken by Manuel, his vice-president, to see a prisoner who appears to have information about a threat to his regime.  But who is the real threat.  Is it the dissidents, the Americans, or Manuel himself?

The young man was sitting bolt upright in the chair, a posture which at first sight sat oddly with the expression of overwhelming weariness upon his face. Closer inspection would reveal, however, that his arms and legs were strapped to the chair, preventing him from slumping forward and giving him very little freedom of movement in any direction. There was blood around his mouth and nose…

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