Look What They’ve Done

An' de walls came tumblin' down

Today, instead of Letters from Elsewhere, here’s a post about me, to catch up with some of the things I’ve done since… whenever.

The other day, I wrote two new verses to an old song. They’re inspired by a strange phenomenon: rain.

Look what they’ve done to my June, Ma

Look what they’ve done to my June, Ma.
Look what they’ve done to my June.
Well it’s the only thing they could do half right,
And it’s turning out all wrong, Ma.
Look what they’ve done to my June.

Look what they’ve done to my sun, Ma.
Look what they’ve done to my sun.
Well, they took some clouds and made them black
And covered up the sun, Ma.
Look what they’ve done to my sun.

Yes, it’s been raining heavily in various parts of the country, but not so heavily in Jerusalem. There has been flooding. One of the…

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Swallow Song

Swallow song – a poem/lyric from CC author Tim Taylor

Tim's Blog

I posted here a couple of weeks ago about the Holmfirth Arts Festival, which runs from 14-17 June.  That post mentioned that I, among others, had contributed words that were being set to music by composer Barry Russell for Sing Holmfirth, a choral event with musical accompaniment, in celebration of the Holme Valley.

So I thought I’d share the lyrics of a song I’ve written for Barry that will feature in the concert.  This is a novel experience for me – I’ve written many songs in the past but always written the music myself, and often asked someone else to write the lyrics.  I think this is the first time I’ve written lyrics for someone else’s music.  The icon (and to some extent, the theme) of the festival is a swallow, so I thought I’d write about a swallow that has returned to the Holme Valley from its winter migration.  Here goes …

Swallow Song


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Letters from Elsewhere: Anne

An' de walls came tumblin' down

Letters from Elsewhere

Today I’m delighted to welcome Anne to my blog. When she wrote the letter she’s brought, she existed only as a flashback, because the letter pre-dates the novel she comes from: The Road to Newgate by Kate Braithwaite. Anne has just eloped with Nathaniel Thompson, a man deemed unsuitable by her family.

Love Lane,
Nr. Billingsgate,
Fourteenth day of June 1678

Dear Sarah,
By now Mother and Father have my letter and I am married. I am sorry for nothing but that you will have to bear their anger. Father will harp at length – I can imagine it most clearly – about my husband’s unsuitability and the betrayal he doubtless believes this is. Mother will bear it more quietly, but we both know she will side with him.
Can we hope that you and James will be our friends? Nathaniel is not what our father says. He has…

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Welcome, Joan!

Joan Livingston talks to fellow CC author Tim Taylor about her crime novel, Chasing the Case – and about herself.

Tim's Blog

Today fellow Crooked Cat author Joan Livingston is visiting to talk about herself and her crime novel Chasing the Case, published on 18 May.

Welcome, Joan!  Tell us about your novel, Chasing the Case.

Chasing the Case is the first in the Isabel Long mystery series. Isabel Long, who tells the story, is a longtime journalist turned amateur P.I. In fact, her first case is also her first big story she had as a rookie reporter. Adela Collins, 38, walked home from her family’s general store and no one saw her again. Her car was found two months later on a logging road in the middle of the woods. Her disappearance hit the family and those who knew her hard. How could a woman disappear from a town of a thousand people? Isabel should know. She lives there. Isabel has the time — she lost her job running a newspaper —…

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The Festival Season

Tim's Blog

I’m very fortunate to live in an area where there are always a lot of creative things going on.  There’s the Huddersfield Literature Festival, the Marsden Jazz Festival, and Holmfirth in particular is has reinvented itself as a festival town since the ending of the ‘Summer Wine’ days.  The Film Festival has just finished, following hot on the heels of the Folk Festival.  And next month, from the 14th to the 17th of June, it’s the turn of the Holmfirth Art Festival.

Holmfirth Writers Group, of which I’m a member, has had a long association with the festival and has been involved in many events over the years. This year is no exception. On Saturday 16 June we will be putting on two creative writing workshops in Holmfirth Library: the first, at 1-2pm, aimed at children and the second, 3-5pm at adults (I’ll be involved in that one). Also, some members of the group…

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