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Today I am thinking about….blogging.

To be honest, as I embarked on this venture, I was mostly terrified.

To put out content at least once a week, trust it to be good enough, commit to crafting something, even this short, every seven days, seems like madness.Blog

But I know that it will be good for me. That my writing should develop, and improve. That I might get valuable feedback to inform future work. That a place online for people to see what I’ve got, what I do, is necessary in these changed days. That I might stop using ‘that’ so much.

I need to trust the online community like I trust my own, to #benice. Soon, my debut novel will be available for anyone to read. It’s time to let my voice sing out a little. Breathe. Join in.

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Letters from Elsewhere: Auntie Jane and Iamo

An' de walls came tumblin' down

Letters from ElsewhereOh my, are you in for a treat this week. Just sit back and get ready to be entertained by the one and only Ailsa Abraham.

Jane_Austen_coloured_versionDear Auntie Jane…

It is a little-known fact that Jane Austen, during the time she was waiting for her novels to become successful, worked as an Agony Aunt on the “Journal for Refined Gentlewomen”. In a recently-discovered trunk of papers the following correspondence was found. I can only assume that one of my characters indulged in a little time-travel to hide his distress and identity.


It would seem that Iamo continued because her next letter does not change tone.


We can assume that there was a long gap in communication because the final letter pertaining to this question is as follows.

Ailsa3goth wedding

BIO – Ailsa Abraham retired early from a string of jobs, ending up with teaching English to adults. She has lived in France…

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Romans in Scotland

Tim's Blog


Today I welcome fellow Crooked Cat historical novelist Nancy Jardine, who writes – and talks – about Celtic/Roman Britain (among other things).  

Welcome Nancy – nice to see you again!

Hello, Tim. It’s been a while since I visited your blog and I’m delighted to come again today.

‘Ancient Romans Raikin’ Aroon The ‘Shire’

Something is happening this coming Sunday that I’ve not done before. Yes, you might imagine all sorts of scenarios for that, however…you probably know that authors get into all sorts of ploys to promote their books? Well, what’s happening on Sunday is that I’m doing an ‘author talk’ at a special lunch venue.

I’ve done plenty of author talks and power point presentations during the last couple of years but so far I’ve only been invited to imbibe a cup of tea or coffee, and eat some delicious sandwiches or homemade cake. By way of…

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Something for the Weekend with Beatrice Fishback

Beatrice Fishback on the blog talking about her upcoming release, Bethal Manor.

Shani Struthers

BeatriceA big welcome today to Beatrice Fishback, author of Bethal Manor, due to be released by Crooked Cat Publishing in Spring 2016. Here she tells us what inspired her to write it and shares an excerpt – take it away, Beatrice…

Why would an American (that would be me J) from upstate New York write an inspirational historic novel, titled Bethel Manor that takes place in England? Having had the privilege of living in the East Anglian area of Great Britain for a total of twenty years, I am a woman whose heart is divided by her love for both countries. And I’ve learned to appreciate—although not always understand—each culture’s viewpoint.

Beatrice 1Beatrice 2However, this novel is not a commentary on all things different between the U.S. and the U.K. (there are a plethora of books and YouTube videos if you’re interested). This is about Bethel Manor, and a young man named…

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#atinylife Loch

Delighted to welcome my first Crooked Cat pal, Jennifer, to #atinylife! You can find Jennifer in the following places: her blog at https://jennifercwilsonwriter.wordpress.com, her BOOK on Amazon http://authl.it/B016TRKU2A, and on Twitter as @inkjunkie1984


They say you miss what’s right underLoch your nose – they’re right. Despite living two minutes from the coast, I can’t remember the last time I sat and just looked out at ‘my’ patch of blue.

There’s something inspiring about water. This poem was written on a train passing Loch Lomond. I hope it captures the loch for you like it does for me.

Like a millpond

Today, the loch is a millpond;

let it reflect on your troubles,

carry them away as the water flows

luxuriously to the sea.

Today, the loch is a millpond,

still waters running in the depths

of your imagination, capturing

your heart, your mind, your soul.

Tomorrow, the millpond may vanish

into nothing, at the whim of the wind;

choppy as the sea, chopping away

today’s moment of calm.

So, focus on the millpond. Reflect.

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