Letters from Elsewhere: Sloane Harper

An' de walls came tumblin' down

Letters from Elsewhere

Ten years on, today’s visitor, Sloane Harper, shares a letter to her daughter. Sloane is brought by Crooked Cat author, Astrid Arditi.

My darling Rose,

18 ! Such an important birthday…

You are now considered an adult even though to me, you’ll always be my sweet little girl with a maturity beyond her years. I can still feel your tiny arms wrapped around my neck, your baby smell in the morning when you slept in my bed.

And we did have many sleepovers, didn’t we? Sometimes I felt that you and your sister, sleeping peacefully close to me, were a life raft in the vast ocean that had become my bed when your dad left. You kept me anchored, saved me from drowning in despair.

I remember the smile you put bravely on when he left. For me. Pretending you were ok, shielding your little sister from what happened at home…

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We all have to face our demons.

The Knitted Curiosity Cabinet

YES2-2We’ve been here before. But this time it’s darker – more difficult. The Psychic Surveys team have never been busier, but the work is taking its toll, and Ruby’s feeling the pressure. Have they met their match? Here’s author Shani Struthers with an excerpt from the third Psychic Surveys novel:

This is the Psychic Surveys’ teams second visit to 44 Gilmore Street – one of the children that lives there has just been hit by a cup thrown through the air and Samantha Gordon, her mother, has called the team back in.

“Blimey!” Samantha Gordon exclaimed on sight of them. “Talk about send in the cavalry.”

Ruby stepped forward and introduced the members of her team who Samantha hadn’t met yet. Cash had called them on her behalf as they drove back to Brighton and, as usual, they’d dropped everything to help out.

“And you’re all psychic are you?”…

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Coming back to haunt us …

Tim's Blog

Today I welcome back  fellow Crooked Cat author Shani Struthers, on the eve of her next book launch. 

Hello again, Shani!  Your latest book, Psychic Surveys Book Three: 44 Gilmore Street is coming out tomorrow. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

All the Psychic Surveys books deal with a particular theme and in Book Three it’s reincarnation. Ruby meets Elisha Grey, who is tuning into a past life that’s frightening her. Ruby isn’t keen to get involved because she is so busy and doesn’t see the need to diversify – reincarnation is not her specialist field. Also, there’s the on-going case of 44 Gilmore Street to deal with – the spirit causing trouble there is very territorial and growing increasingly violent, able to interact physically on occasions. The case is drawing public attention – negative public attention – adding to the strain. Elisha, however, is adamant that…

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#atinylife Neither Here nor There by Miriam Drori

Lovely to have Miriam Drori guesting on atinylife today!

Stella Hervey Birrell, Writer

FullSizeRender (14)Imagine Esty’s childhood.

Prayers, rules, blessings before everything, thanking God. Sharing a bed, hardly any toys, endless chores. Father out studying or praying. Mother always busy.

No television, no cinema, no computer. Sabbath: no driving, pressing switches, tearing paper.

Glimpses of another life, so near yet so far. Are those people good or bad, sad or happy? Covert skimming through a discarded newspaper provides an inkling or two. Esty begins to envisage herself in that other world.

Escape. That’s the easy part. The months ahead will determine whether Esty can acclimatise to this new life. Can she ever feel completely at ease? Will Mark wait for her?


Miriam’s Book: Neither Here Nor There is available from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes and elsewhere.

Miriam Drori can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, Wattpad and on her website/blog.

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The Return of the Bard-Lady

The Bingergread Cottage

Today I’m outside in the garden waiting for the magic carpet to arrive with another of my “on line family” of adopted beloveds. Sue Barnard is coming in to land and – oh she’s brought me ginger beer!

Here you are, Ailsa. I’ve tried to keep it chilled in transit, but you might want to pop it into the fridge as soon as you can. It’s lovely to be back. I say – what a delicious-looking spread! I thought I told you not to go to any trouble!

Bless you, Sue, no trouble at all. How lovely. I’ll get stuck into this ginger beer while you help yourself to yummy things on the garden table. Yes, Lily, it’s Auntie Sue who doesn’t mind you sitting on her lap.

Welcome. Now, Bard-woman, Let’s hear about your work in progress. I am lucky enough to have had a sneaky preview but I…

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