Review of Tom Halford’s Deli Meat

“David Lynch’s sense of the bizarre pervades this book like an old London pea-souper. ”

-Review of Tom Halford’s Deli Meat.

Read it here:

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Authors Supporting Authors: Tom Halford

Here is Tom Halford’s post on Jess B. Moore’s blog:

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Mapping Cakes

Angela Wren on the fine cakes of France (and her new crime novel, Montbel)

Tim's Blog

A guest post today from Angela Wren, whose latest crime novel, Montbel, has recently been published by Crooked Cat.  She’s here today to talk about her love of French cakes.  Mmmmm, I can smell them already ……

I’ve realised that I’ve spent so much time travelling in France that I’m able to wear out maps. I’ve just replaced my last one. Of course, each replacement – and there have been quite a few – means that I have to transfer all my notes from the old to the new. I’ve been doing that recently and I couldn’t help noticing how many notes I have about food. From restaurants in Sées or Montbel, to bakers in Arques or Saverne, to markets in La Roche or Millau and just about everywhere in between. But it’s the notes about pâtisserie that have particularly drawn my attention this time around, there seem to be…

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Dictators in History: Bashar al-Assad

CC author Tim (T E Taylor) discusses the parallels between Bashar Al-Assad and Carlos Almanzor, the fictional dictator in Revolution Day

Tim's Blog

Time for another in my occasional series of posts discussing real-life dictators and comparing them to Carlos Almanzor, the fictional dictator in my novel Revolution Day. This time I have decided to look at Bashar Al-Assad of Syria, having recently watched the intriguing BBC TV series about him.

Assad is different in many ways from the other dictators I have looked at in this series. For one thing, the others are no longer in power and, with the single exception of Robert Mugabe, are all dead, whereas Assad is still very much alive and in power. Another key difference is that whereas the others typically seized power in a coup or revolution, or in some cases (e.g. Mugabe again) gained it initially through a more or less constitutional process, only to subvert or discard such processes later on, Assad is unique in inheriting it from his father, Hafez al-Assad.


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Writer’s Block

Tom Halford talks about getting over writer’s block in this video blog:

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