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A little story from Crooked Cat author Tim (T E) Taylor

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Here’s a little story I wrote at Meltham Writers a while back ….

“How much further?”

The family were exhausted now, having spent all day lugging what was left of their belongings up the rough mountain track.

“Not far now.” In contrast to the people who struggled wearily behind him, the young man’s face and voice were eager, optimistic, assured. “Seriously, just another mile or so. Once we reach the crest of that ridge” – he pointed to the great expanse of bare rock and earth that loomed forbiddingly ahead of them – “we’re at the border. And it’s all downhill from there. There will be shelter, food and water, people to help us.”

“The border?” said the other man in the party. “Then there will be guards and soldiers. We will have to pass a checkpoint.”

“No, don’t worry about that. No one uses this track apart from the…

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Buckets and Gallons – an old #ThursThreads Winner

An oldie but a goodie. . .

Lizzie Koch

The Struggling Artist.png

I’m in the middle of preparing my talk with the WI ladies this week and think I’m going to share this flash fiction piece from the prompt ‘buckets and gallons’ for ThursThreads by Siobhan Muir . Written back in 2016, it won out of all the entries.  Not only do you need to include the prompt but there’s a word limit too; 250.

The Struggling Artist

Sweat ran down his spine, his body glistening with every aggressive stroke of the brush. Paint bled into the walls, unable to cover the memory he desperately wanted to erase. Buckets and gallons of paint seeped into his secret but still he continued, brush after brush as bristles frayed like his temper.
But the slate had to be clean, the walls bare, fresh and ready for his next work of art; always a blank canvas to open his mind and explore his demons…

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Originally posted on JO LAMBERT – A WRITER'S JOURNEY :
Hi Miriam and welcome. Can I start, as always, by asking you a little about yourself? Hi Jo and thank you very much for having me on your blog. I…

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Letters from Elsewhere: Irena

An' de walls came tumblin' down

Letters from Elsewhere

What an honour! I’ve been joined today by an venerable old woman. I’m not sure how old Irena is, but I’m told she’s the oldest resident in the Tuscan mountain village of Santa Zita. She’s brought a letter to her son, Carlo, who’s been pressing her to help him piece together a mystery that’s puzzled him all his life and which he’s come back to the village to solve after living abroad for many years.

Irena’s chaperone is Katharine Johnson, whose first two novels, Lies, Mistakes and Misunderstandings and The Silence were very much enjoyed by yours truly. Here’s the letter:

Dear Carlo,

That wedding photograph I said I didn’t remember – I may as well tell you the truth, I suppose. The bride was Martina. And yes, I was the bridesmaid. And the one of the two girls sitting on the wall of the fountain eating ice cream? Martina…

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History People: Nancy Jardine and Real Historical Figures

On the blog today – Nancy Jardine talks about getting into the mind of a real historical figure….from 2,000 years ago.

Vanessa Couchman

Nancy J 5Statue of the Roman Commander Agricola in Frejus.

A big welcome to Nancy Jardine, a great author and a specialist on Roman Britain. She raises a familiar dilemma for historical novelists: how do you get plausibly into the mind of someone who lived two thousand years ago? What sort of guesswork do you have to do? And what contemporary sources can you rely on – or not? Let’s hear it from Nancy.

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