Crime and Craft

Here is a short video by Tom Halford, author of Deli Meat, in which he talks about writing dialogue. This video is inspired by a Skype chat on this topic earlier today with some of the other Crooked Cat authors:

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Taking the Plunge

Flash fiction from CC author Rosie Travers

Tim's Blog

Today I’m delighted to host a piece of flash fiction from Crooked Cat author Rosie Travers. An old lady ponders her greatest regret ….

Grace hadn’t even heard of a
bucket list until Bill had shown them his brother’s photographs.

jumping in New Zealand,’ he said. ‘What do you think? Something to cross off
the list, ‘eh?’

wasn’t sure what to think at all.

the one thing you’ve always wanted to do?’ Bill said, as he shuffled around the
community lounge of Sunflower House, proudly regaling his brother’s exploits to
anyone wide-awake enough to listen. ‘Nobody should die having regrets about
things they haven’t done.’

didn’t want to think about dying, but she had plenty of regrets, although
missing out on the opportunity to dangle mid-air at the end of a long rope was
not one of them.

Atkins wanted to go to Disneyland but…

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Cross (with) Word

A humorous poem from CC author Miriam Drori

Tim's Blog

Today I'm pleased to host another humorous guest poem, from author 
and blogger Miriam Drori.

Top Ten Reasons I'd Rather Be WRITING
Than Messing Around with Microsoft Word

Writing is fun; Word makes you run.
Writing’s creative; Word – frustrative.
Writing brings in dough; Word brings woe.
Writing tugs; Word has bugs.
Writing makes you feel; Word makes you reel.
Writing is style; Word – just a file.
Writing makes you think; Word makes you blink.
Writing’s amazing; Word leaves you blazing.
Writing, you can fly; Word – you cry.
Writing is gold; Word leaves you cold.

Miriam Drori lives in Jerusalem with her husband, one of three children
and social anxiety. She loves dancing, hiking and touring. She is the author
of three books: a romance set in Jerusalem, a co-written novella set in
Vienna between the wars and a non-fiction book on social anxiety. A new
novel, Cultivating…

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Shall I compare thee …

A humorous sonnet from CC author and editor Sue Barnard.

Tim's Blog

Another guest poem today, from novelist and editor Sue Barnard. It
seemed rather fitting, in view of our current unseasonably warm weather.
A sonnet, in the style of a certain balding Elizabethan playwright ….

(with profuse apologies to William Shakespeare)

Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?
To do so were, methinks, exceeding bold.
Forsooth, 'twould seem as though I wish to say
that thou art unpredictable and cold.
'Tis not just Summer which can men perplex;
Spring, Autumn, Winter can be foul or fair.
When, in the morn, your clothing you select,
you must for all extremities prepare.
Too soon can heat be gripped by icy hand,
and azure skies transformed to darkest grey;
the climate of this green unpleasant land
can furnish all four seasons in one day.
Some people claim they can the clime foresee;
if they speak true, a…

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SIM Talk 6: Katharine Johnson

Selective mutism…

An' de walls came tumblin' down


A very happy birthday to author Katharine Johnson, who tells us about a particular consequence of social anxiety in her own life and in that of a character in her novel, The Silence, which I loved.

Why I wrote about Selective Mutism

Hello Miriam,

Katharine JohnsonThanks so much for inviting me onto your blog to talk about an issue that’s very important to me and one that (fittingly enough!) I’ve kept quiet about for a long time.

I chose the title for my novel The Silence (a psychological thriller set in England and Tuscany) for two reasons: it represents both the child Abby’s mostly non-verbal state and the adult Abby’s battle to keep her past secret. It’s the first of these situations I want to talk about today.

Selective mutism is usually combined with social anxiety and having experienced both myself, I wanted to show readers what it felt like…

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