The Haunted Menagerie

A poem from CC author Tim (T E) Taylor

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I was disappointed not to be able to go to Write Out Loud in Marsden tonight.  It’s a monthly gathering where people gather to read poetry and chat, and is always a great evening.

So t cheer myself up, I thought I’d post here one of the poems I had been planning to read.  The theme this month was ‘animals’ and this is one of a very few pieces I’ve got on that subject.  Just a bit of fun, really.

The Haunted Menagerie

The shriek of gate on rusty hinges

wail of wind through broken glass.

Ivy grasps in tendril fingers

relics from a glorious past.

Children used to point and wonder,

lions paced around the cells

that now lie vacant, hidden under

strange cacophonies of smells

Where are they now, those agile cheetahs

rhinos, prowling jaguars?

They are still here, free of their fetters

no more imprisoned by their bars.


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Author Visit – Susan Roebuck

Escape to sunny Portugal today to find out more about Sue Roebuck’s beautiful book

Katy's Writing Coffee Shop

Today’s visitor has set her new novel in beautiful Portugal where she lives.

Forest Dancer is set in the magical forests just outside Lisbon, Portugal. It is a story that fans of Polina will enjoy with characters that are genuinely flawed yet decided on bringing out the best in themselves. Flora Gatehouse has just recently lost her father, but she has also suffered a devastating blow in her career; her failed audition that sees her moving to a small cottage in Lisbon, Portugal, the only inheritance left to her by her father. Follow her story as she embraces the life of a small village with its dark secrets, and falls for the forest ranger, Marco. But can she totally become part of this little hamlet and can she ever reconnect with her dream to become a principal ballerina?

Thank you Katy for inviting me to your coffee shop today. Could…

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As flies to wanton boys…

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Letters from Elsewhere: Sheba

In which Sheba shares her grievances…

An' de walls came tumblin' down

Letters from Elsewhere

Yes, Letters from Elsewhere is back for another series in which characters pop out from fiction to meet you. In this first letter of the new series, you can meet Sheba who is writing to Heather. Sheba comes to you straight from the pages of The Cocktail Bar, a brand new novel from Crooked Cat author, Isabella May. Although Sheba and Heather are not the stars of the book, their story plays a pivotal role.

Welcome to the blog, Sheba. I gather you have a few grievances against your younger sister.

Dear Heather,
I never wanted things to get so petty, so childish; so ridiculous, but you’ve always been the younger sister who got it all. In truth, it wasn’t really The Sting Thing that started it; you’ve always been the fairest of them all. If our parents’ judgement was the magic mirror, then you’d be Snow White, me the…

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Sale Time

A snapshot of T E Taylor’s novel Revolution Day – reduced to 99p/c until tomorrow in the Crooked Cat sale!

Tim's Blog

It’s Crooked Cat Sale time again!  The e-book of Revolution Day (along with lots of other books) is reduced to 99p/99c until tomorrow (Friday 29 December).  You can find it via these links: Amazon UK   Other Amazon sites

Usually, when there’s a sale on, I post an excerpt to give people a taster of the novel.  But this time I thought I would do something different. So here’s a brief summary of what the novel is about, illustrated by half a dozen very short extracts.  Hope it whets your appetite!

Carlos Almanzor has ruled his country for 37 years. Now in his seventies, he is feeling his age.

“… the figure of an old man stumbled onto the balcony. He appeared lost, confused, as if, in the grip of senile delirium, he had wandered onto the balcony by mistake. His body was so frail, so insubstantial, that it seemed to…

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