Klimt’s Forests and Gardens

Emma Rose Millar

Gustav Klimt is probably best known for his portraits of women. However, he also created many beautiful landscapes during his career.

download Gustav Klimt Fir Forest, 1901

Tannenwald or Fir Forest the first of several in a series. The artist also depicted other types of trees using contrasting styles over the course of his career.

albero-della-vita-di-gustav-klimt-1905-1909 Gustav Klimt, Tree of Life, 1905

From his holiday home in Litzlberg, Klimt went for wandering around the woods for days on end, searching for the right spot to create his forest paintings. Here, the trees appear in groups on either side of the canvas; the small clearing in the middle to allowing a feeling of depth, albeit reduced, which draws the eye into the painting. The trunks are stylised: narrow with a strict vertical rhythm, suggesting entrapment – no way out; the glimpse of sky a whisper to the outside world. The series is as a…

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