You Cannot Escape What is in Your Head

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Had some interesting news this morning when I learned that Voices had sneaked back into the very bottom of its Amazon UK chart. It didn’t last long before it dropped out again.


It’s rare that I pass opinions on my own work. I have them, naturally, but I don’t shout them out. I prefer readers to form their own views. Having said that, my opinion on Voices is quite firm. From a technical point of view, it’s one of my best efforts, succinctly summarised by reader “Richard” who said:

This is real horror at its best, not because it’s full of blood and gore (there’s plenty) but because you really believe it could be happening.

For any writer, this must be the ultimate accolade. Voices is difficult to categorise. It has elements of sci-fi, horror, the paranormal, and mystery, all shrouded within the context of an ordinary man with an ordinary family going through extraordinary events. For a reader to say that you “really believe it could be happening” means I must have it just about right. Richard is not the only one who thinks so. The book has only 8 reader reviews, but they are all 5*, all unstinting in their praise.

Without giving anything away, I left the ending open for a possible sequel, and many people have asked, “Where is it and when will we get it?”

I’ve tried. I’ve made several attempts to recreate the depth and detail of the original, all without success, and I’m sorry but I won’t follow up such a well-received work with anything I consider substandard.

Over and above that, of course, I have other commitments: the Sanford 3rd Age Club Mysteries, for example. Much easier to write, but with a more demanding audience.

At any one time, I have dozens of ideas floating around, some practical, others fanciful, but as the tagline for Voices says, You cannot escape what is in your head and until that which is in my head is Voices 2, I’m sorry but it won’t happen.


Voices is available as an e-book from:

Amazon UK (Kindle)

Amazon Worldwide (Kindle)

Smashwords (all e-formats)

You can also find it in paperback. Simply Google the ISBN 978-1908910424

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1 Response to You Cannot Escape What is in Your Head

  1. jenanita01 says:

    I like the sound of ‘Voices’…will check it out!

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