Son of Cliché Rides Again

The Bingergread Cottage

You know what I hate about clichés?  A great way to write lazily, obviously and avoids the need to be innovative, of course …. but mainly I loathe them because they are true. Except …

In one second my whole life came crashing down – piffle! I am a disaster-magnet and very rarely does anything happen in one go to ruin your existence! Believe me. In my experience it is much more like wearing a huge sombrero, standing under balconies with small children lobbing pebbles into the brim. The effect is cumulative.

Take my absence from social media for the last few months. Please do, I wish someone would, they have not been fun.

It started with a biggie which would have floored most people. My husband, having been diagnosed with terminal untreatable cancer, asked me not to let him go into hospital and his specialist put me…

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My blog for all things spiritual. Author, shaman, knitter and motorcycle freak. Have published seven novels with two more in the pipeline pus two non- fiction works to come.
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