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Writer’s Block

Tom Halford talks about getting over writer’s block in this video blog: Advertisements

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Becoming Cheap Meat

Tom Halford talks about being part of an Amazon sale in this video. Don’t worry; his tongue is in his cheek.

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Letters from Elsewhere: Pierre

Originally posted on An' de walls came tumblin' down:
My little French visitor has written a letter. That surprised me until I discovered it’s an assignment from his teacher. He and his classmates were asked to write a letter of…

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Dear Algorithm …

Originally posted on Tim's Blog:
I have an unusual guest post today from fellow Crooked Cat author Tom Halford.  A story, in the form of a one-sided conversation with a Twitter Algorithm.  Ah, the lengths we authors will go…

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A Month After Publication

In this video blog, Tom Halford talks about the highs and lows one month after his book has been released.  

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