The Prisoner

An excerpt from T E Taylor’s novel Revolution Day – available for 99p in the Crooked Cat sale – today only!

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My novel Revolution Day is currently available for 99p in the Crooked Cat Easter Sale, along with lots of other great books – today is your last chance to snap it up for the reduced price.   To whet your appetite, here’s a short excerpt.  Ageing dictator Carlos Almanzor is taken by Manuel, his vice-president, to see a prisoner who appears to have information about a threat to his regime.  But who is the real threat.  Is it the dissidents, the Americans, or Manuel himself?

The young man was sitting bolt upright in the chair, a posture which at first sight sat oddly with the expression of overwhelming weariness upon his face. Closer inspection would reveal, however, that his arms and legs were strapped to the chair, preventing him from slumping forward and giving him very little freedom of movement in any direction. There was blood around his mouth and nose…

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OOOOH . . .

Lizzie Koch


The poster says it all and what a sale. I’ve loaded up my kindle already with some fab titles from amazing authors, and now my essay has finished and my WI presentation is done and dusted, I can hopefully get some reading done this Easter.


And some writing! Both have been seriously neglected recently but it never stops the ideas; my head is full of them, and my laptop and notebooks full of unfinished stories. After the success of my WI talk, I am now hungry to write the third instalment for Katie Button too. The ideas are percolating, the characters louder in my head. I don’t mind. I like them. Katie is a girl after my own heart; she loves drinking cocktails especially mojitos and loves chocolate brownies. Both feature heavily in my two novels.

The Adventures of Katie Button (6)20170520_160505-1 (1)

Romance, chicklit with historical twists, quirkiness and humour.

Brimming with romance, humour and sexual tension as Katie's chaotic everyday life collides with a crazy dream world. I'd reccomm (2) One of my favourite reviews. 


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Performing with Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Revealed

Ask a group of people who have social anxiety how they feel about giving a talk or a presentation to an audience and the vast majority of the responses will be on the lines of, “No, I couldn’t do it.” Or, “Never again. I sweated profusely and felt so nervous I couldn’t get the words out.”

Not me. I love performing. As long as I’ve practised enough to be confident about my performance, I enjoy it. I used to describe myself as an extrovert with social anxiety, until someone said what I was describing was not an extrovert but an exhibitionist. To me, that sounds like a nice way of saying “show off,” but I’ll go with “exhibitionist.”

Poster for Talk on Social AnxietyI can’t say why I can give a prepared speech to hundreds of people, but find it really difficult to carry on a conversation with one person. That’s how it is.


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Over the Border

A little story from Crooked Cat author Tim (T E) Taylor

Tim's Blog

Here’s a little story I wrote at Meltham Writers a while back ….

“How much further?”

The family were exhausted now, having spent all day lugging what was left of their belongings up the rough mountain track.

“Not far now.” In contrast to the people who struggled wearily behind him, the young man’s face and voice were eager, optimistic, assured. “Seriously, just another mile or so. Once we reach the crest of that ridge” – he pointed to the great expanse of bare rock and earth that loomed forbiddingly ahead of them – “we’re at the border. And it’s all downhill from there. There will be shelter, food and water, people to help us.”

“The border?” said the other man in the party. “Then there will be guards and soldiers. We will have to pass a checkpoint.”

“No, don’t worry about that. No one uses this track apart from the…

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Buckets and Gallons – an old #ThursThreads Winner

An oldie but a goodie. . .

Lizzie Koch

The Struggling Artist.png

I’m in the middle of preparing my talk with the WI ladies this week and think I’m going to share this flash fiction piece from the prompt ‘buckets and gallons’ for ThursThreads by Siobhan Muir . Written back in 2016, it won out of all the entries.  Not only do you need to include the prompt but there’s a word limit too; 250.

The Struggling Artist

Sweat ran down his spine, his body glistening with every aggressive stroke of the brush. Paint bled into the walls, unable to cover the memory he desperately wanted to erase. Buckets and gallons of paint seeped into his secret but still he continued, brush after brush as bristles frayed like his temper.
But the slate had to be clean, the walls bare, fresh and ready for his next work of art; always a blank canvas to open his mind and explore his demons…

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