Hearing from Family and Friends About Deli Meat

Tom Halford talks about hearing from family and friends about his novel, Deli Meat:


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Space Rage

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I’m thrilled to bits to announce that I’ve won one of the National Association of Writers’ Groups 2018 competitions.  It was for a short sci-fi or fantasy story, aimed at teenagers.  In all honesty, I didn’t consciously write it for teenagers (I’m not sure how to do that) but it seems to have done the trick!  Anyway, here’s the story – it’s pretty much what it says on the tin.

Space Rage

Captain Pelant opened an airtight door and ushered Ambassador Spole into the room beyond.

“This is the bridge, Ambassador. It is rather compact, as you see – the vessel is designed to be operated by one person; there is barely space for two. This is a freighter: not an ideal vehicle for a diplomatic mission, but the only one that was available, I’m afraid. Perhaps it would have been better to postpone the meeting with Governor Akhan until our own…

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Deli Meat – Audio Recording of Chapter 11

Here is an audio recording of Chapter 11 from Tom Halford’s Deli Meat, release date September 17th. The reading is performed by Jim Parsons.

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Fictional Characters and Real People

Here is a short vlog by Tom Halford about his novel Deli Meat and connections between fictional characters and real people:

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Interview with Seamus Heffernan, author of Napalm Hearts

Check out Tom Halford’s interview with the very well-read Seamus Heffernan, author of Napalm Hearts: 

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