Shopping? Vale!

The Bingergread Cottage

As some of you may know I used to be a language teacher and learning them is my hobby. I love being in a place where I’m not fluent because everything becomes more interesting.

Just going to the supermarket this morning was a real treat. Picking things up and peering at the words to see if I could translate them, remembering to speak Catalan and not French to people and the most important word VALE (pronounced Baah lay) which means OK or “right” and is the answer to everything.

Just finding stuff which doesn’t exist at home gets me jumping up and down squeaking, pointing and being a very excitable otter. 

Mind you, I do that in Britain these days, as my friends will tell you. They suffer me screaming out in Tesco’s “Look! They have Marmite!”

We managed to find everything we needed and some treats like Turron, the…

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The Mature Adult’s Reading List?

Kathy Sharp

My post on books for older readers – Mature Adults – a New Genre – attracted a good deal of attention. The next question, then, is what sort of books should we include in such a genre?PhotoFunia-1509451558

When I think of the Young Adults genre, the books that come to mind straight away are the Twilight series and The Hunger Games. There are many more, of course, and they are not all vampire or sci-fi stories, although those have been immensely popular.

So what do Mature Adults prefer to read? I must admit my first thought is of rather sweet, unthreatening romances set in the past. Is that out of date? Well, no – books of that type are still around. I was asked to review one last year, and I was staggered at the author’s vast and loyal following, and equally vast sales. Very well – so plucky…

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Side Effects

A seasonal story from CC author Tim (T E) Taylor

Tim's Blog

31 October, eh?  That sounds like a perfect excuse for a certain sort of story ….

“Eye of newt and spleen of rat … ”

The old crone cackled demonically as she added yet more selections from the anatomy of the local wildlife to the foul-smelling liquid simmering away in her cauldron.

The face of the much younger woman sitting before her bore an expression of great agitation.

“How much longer is this going to take?”

“Just a few minutes, dearie,” replied the witch. “That’s all the ingredients done. Now if you’ll excuse me for a moment, I need to have a quick word with His Nibs.”

At this, the old woman shut her eyes and threw her head back, raising her spindly arms to the heavens.

“Lord of damnation, I summon you to this place and command you to infuse this elixir with your elemental power.”

She began to…

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Mature Adults – A New Genre?

Kathy Sharp

The wisdom of maturity is a rather unfashionable concept these days. When I was young I wanted to be a writer – but quite honestly I didn’t feel I knew enough about any subject to write about it credibly. That, I thought, takes experience, so off I went to acquire a bit of wisdom.PhotoFunia-1509018996

By the time I got down to some serious writing, then, I was well past the dreaded 50+ mark, and had sailed happily into the over-60s bracket by the time my first book was published. You might feel this is taking it a little too far – but the backward view down the years brought all kinds of insights to my writing that I couldn’t possibly have imagined as a young person. Getting older has its practical disadvantages, for sure – but it brings the gifts of experience and a wider viewpoint toiling in its wake.

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History People: John Jackson, inspired by his family tree

It’s launch day for John Jackson’s Heart of Stone. He talks about how he started to write historical fiction.

Vanessa Couchman

J Jackson mugshot Author John Jackson

I’m pleased to welcome to the blog today someone who moves in the most elevated circles – the Historical Novel Society and the Romantic Novelists Association. John Jackson is launching his first historical novel, Heart of Stone, today. He tells us how he became a writer and how his own family tree provided some colourful characters to write about. Take it away, John.

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