A Novel Approach to Pest Control

A short humorous piece – and news of a reading event – from CC author Angela Wren

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Today I’m hosting a short humorous piece from crime novelist Angela Wren.

Taming Demons

They normally live in the shadows. The dark corners of rooms, behind wardrobes or at the back of undisturbed cupboards. But not anymore. I’ve purged the house of them. All of them. Every last one along with their pesky webs that just sit there collecting dust. So, my world is now spider-free and will remain so forever.

How did I do this I hear you ask?

Simple. I went to see a witch who turned me into a bullfrog. Now the spiders are gone, I’m a very fat bullfrog.


For those of you in the Yorkshire area, on Wednesday Feb 20 in Harrogate Library Café, Angela will be reading from Montbel, the latest in her Jacques Foret series of crime mysteries set in the Cevennes in south central France. 

You can learn more about Angela…

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I write historical and contemporary fiction - my novels Zeus of Ithome and Revolution Day are published by Crooked Cat. I also write poetry, academic non-fiction (philosophy) and the occasional short story. I like to play the guitar and walk up hills. Originally from north Staffordshire, I live in Meltham, West Yorkshire, UK with my wife Rosa.
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