Spotlight: Sue Barnard, Heathcliff

Jennifer C. Wilson

Happy Sunday everyone! Today, I’m delighted to welcome back to the blog my lovely editor, Sue Barnard, to tell us about her upcoming release, out on Monday. I was lucky enough to read an early copy of this, and speaking as somebody who had never read Wuthering Heights (yes, ok, I’m very poorly-read when it comes to the classics), I absolutely loved it! So I was excited to put some questions to Sue. 

Heathcliff front coverWhat inspired you to write Heathcliff’s missing years?

It all began with a chance remark from a former schoolfriend: “Sue, I love the way you’ve based your book on what we did at school.  What are you going to do next?”

We were chatting just after the launch of my third novel, The Unkindest Cut of All.  This story features a performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, which was the play we’d studied for English Literature…

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