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News of an exciting event involving 3 Crooked Cat authors!

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I’m very much looking forward to joining two other Yorkshire-based Crooked Cat authors for a reading event next Thursday.

Angela Wren (with whom I shared another event last October) will be talking about her crime novel, Merle, in which investigator Jacques Foret delves into the murky world of commercial sabotage – a place where people lie and misrepresent.

Also there will be John Jackson, a retired ship’s Captain who lives in York and writes historical fiction based on his remarkably colourful family tree!  He will be introducing his book, Heart of Stone, the story of a girl who is owned by an Earl, but loved by his brother.

And I, of course, will be talking about Revolution Day, in which ageing dictator Carlos Almanzor clings to power as his vice-president plots against him and his estranged wife writes her memoir of their marriage and of Carlos’ rise to power and descent from idealism into autocracy.

So if you’re…

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About T E Taylor

I write historical and contemporary fiction - my novels Zeus of Ithome and Revolution Day are published by Crooked Cat. I also write poetry, academic non-fiction (philosophy) and the occasional short story. I like to play the guitar and walk up hills. Originally from north Staffordshire, I live in Meltham, West Yorkshire, UK with my wife Rosa.
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