Performing with Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Revealed

Ask a group of people who have social anxiety how they feel about giving a talk or a presentation to an audience and the vast majority of the responses will be on the lines of, “No, I couldn’t do it.” Or, “Never again. I sweated profusely and felt so nervous I couldn’t get the words out.”

Not me. I love performing. As long as I’ve practised enough to be confident about my performance, I enjoy it. I used to describe myself as an extrovert with social anxiety, until someone said what I was describing was not an extrovert but an exhibitionist. To me, that sounds like a nice way of saying “show off,” but I’ll go with “exhibitionist.”

Poster for Talk on Social AnxietyI can’t say why I can give a prepared speech to hundreds of people, but find it really difficult to carry on a conversation with one person. That’s how it is.


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