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Enter Crooked Cat author Tim (T E) Taylor’s quiz to win an e-book of one of his novels!

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Here’s a bit of fun for the festive season.  Ten quiz questions, some easy, some a bit harder, all to do with recent or older history.  All of the answers can be found in posts on this blog from 2017.  Get them right, and you can win an e-book of Revolution Day or Zeus of Ithome!

Send me your answers by Facebook message, Twitter or e-mail (tim.e.taylor@talk21.com). If more than one person gets all ten correct answers, I will pick a winner randomly.  The quiz is open till Christmas Day.

( You can find out about the books here:  http://timetaylor.wixsite.com/tetaylor/books )

The Questions

1.  Which African nation was implicated in the 1988 Lockerbie air crash?

2.  Which World War 1 battlefield is close to the ancient city of Troy?

3.  Which POW camp was the scene of the 1944 ‘Great Escape’ in which 76 prisoners escaped (of whom 50 were later executed)?

4.  Which reservoir burst its dam in 1952…

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About T E Taylor

I write historical and contemporary fiction - my novels Zeus of Ithome and Revolution Day are published by Crooked Cat. I also write poetry, academic non-fiction (philosophy) and the occasional short story. I like to play the guitar and walk up hills. Originally from north Staffordshire, I live in Meltham, West Yorkshire, UK with my wife Rosa.
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