Q & A with author Isabella May

Oh! What a Pavlova, released 3rd October.

Pavlova Book Cover

Please welcome author Isabella May to my blog today, please make yourself at home. I would offer you some tea and cake, but your confectionery skills together with the fabulous cover art of your novel puts my cooking to shame, so I’ve rustled up a fruit salad instead!

No problem, I LOVE fruit salad too, and I’ve almost overdosed on cake this week! Thanks for inviting me, Cristina.
Isabella, please tell me how you came up with this fantastic title “Oh! What a Pavlova” and could you summarise your latest work in just a few words.
I have a penchant for all things cake and pudding – you might have guessed. And I wanted to somehow blend this into a book about domestic violence, so interchanging the “pavlova” bit for the usual “palaver” was a play on words that just stuck!
How to summarise? Hmm…
Cake meets domestic violence, travel, spirituality, comedy, and a bid for freedom in the arms of many an unsuitable man… all set against the backdrop of the weird and wonderful characters of the publishing industry.
Sorry, that was more than a few words, but it’s one of those novels that straddles genres and covers a LOT of topics!




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