My love-hate relationship with my mobile phone…

I was given my first mobile phone 20 years ago, it was this huge, ugly, blue plastic brick looking phone. But as a brick, it was impossible to break and you only needed to charge the battery about once a week! (Those were the days!)
What I also vividly remember was my absolute abhorrence to it. I would never answer it in public. The ring tone turned down to a new low, so as not to attract the beady stares of those around. I didn’t want a mobile phone, had no need for one and didn’t want to be seen dead with one! Looking back, I find this hilariously funny. Little me who would pretend that the bleep bleep of an incoming text wasn’t mine, now can’t go five minutes without checking, at least twice, my super, latest model on the market, Huawei!

Come on guys, who can relate?

We take more selfies with our mobile phones on a day trip to the seaside than Neil Armstrong did when he landed on the moon!!

Talking of the moon, these mobiles are actually more sophisticated than the computer program used by NASA on the Apollo 11 mission (48 years ago, so happy anniversary and a massive congrats considering the navigation app used!) Nowadays, if we really did have a Mayday Mayday situation, like Apollo 13, we can text, Facebook, Instagram, tweet, Pinterest, Google plus and WhatsApp our SOS message with a twitch of our fingers. Whilst, at the same time, take a pic of the events with our selfie stick!

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