How to unwind on holiday…

Now this is a good question! Any tips would be greatly appreciated because I’ve just been on holiday and this has been my attempt at de-stressing…
Day 1:
I love going for an early morning run, I know this might sound a bit crazy, especially when you’re on holiday, a lie in would probably be the most popular option, and in hindsight, probably the wisest. But I find waking up early and stepping outside with the early morning breeze caressing my face almost therapeutic. It’s just me and the open country lanes. As I run, the early sun’s rays gently kiss my skin, I feel free and my legs are light on the tracks. I leave my phone and everything else that ties me to social media and modern technology behind. It’s just me and mother nature. No music blaring into my eardrums, just the rustle of the leaves as the soft breeze gently shakes them awake. I breathe in deeply, my blood now pulsing through my veins and I feel peace.
It lasts for about ten minutes as I’m suddenly aware that there is a wild horse galloping towards me, kicking up a cloud of dust and I wonder if I can reach the nearest tree first and if I’d still have enough energy in me to climb it. But of course I remind myself, trying to keep calm, that it’s bulls that charge, not horses. Or is it?



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