The Meet Cute

Lizzie Koch


Have you watched The Holiday where Cameron Diaz swaps her Hollywood mansion for Kate Winslet’s cute little Surry cottage? If not and you love romcoms then you must. It’s two hours and ten minutes ( according to my DVD) of gorgeousness. My favourite character in the movie (and story line) has to be Arthur played by one of Hollywood’s golden greats, Eli Wallach, you know from The Magnificent Seven, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The Misfits to name but a few of his great movies.

1502391361935 TL: With Marilyn Monroe, filming The Misfits. BL: The Magnificent Seven. R: As Arthur in The Holiday

In The Holiday, Arthur meets Iris, played by Kate-there’s-not-enough-room-on-this-piece-of-wood-for-you-Jack-Winslet, and he introduces to Iris the phrase, ‘meet cute‘ where the  future romantic couple meet for the first time.

As a romantic comedy writer, the meet cute’ is pretty important. Finding different and interesting…

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