10 Reasons Why We Need to Talk about Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Revealed

We Need to Talk about Social Anxiety

This is what I believe passionately. It’s why I wrote the book: Social Anxiety Revealed and why I’m so excited about its publication next month.

Why is it so important?

1. People with social anxiety are misunderstood

Misunderstandings occur in so many ways. For instance, other people think that a man who has never had a girlfriend must be gay; that anyone who is isolated from society prefers to be that way; that someone who doesn’t state a view doesn’t have one; that keeping quiet is a sign of stupidity.

No one likes to be misunderstood. Social anxiety sufferers are poorly equipped to change misconceptions about themselves.

2. People with social anxiety are ignored

It’s natural to want to interact with those who are friendly, lively, fun to be with. Those who are quiet and hold back are more work. Why make the effort?

3. People with social anxiety are…

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