Telephones can be scary. Who knew?

Social Anxiety Revealed

I didn’t make up this word. Well… I did, but when I looked it up, I found it here.

A fear of telephones rates quite high in the long list of phobias shared by people who have social anxiety.

Actually, the term is probably a bit out of date. Telephones have moved on from these:

Telephonobia: a fear of telephones. What does that mean, today?

You can do so many things with a phone, these days, and telephonobia refers to just one of them: talking on the phone.

How does telephonobia begin?

It could begin because other people listen in and criticise, either during the conversation or after it.

It could begin with past traumas, like tricks that use the phone’s visual anonymity – people who pretend to be others. The traumas themselves could be long forgotten, yet their effects can last a lifetime.

What’s the problem?

Sufferers of telephonobia worry they’ll sound weird over the phone. They’re afraid…

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