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Peculiar History

Originally posted on Kathy Sharp:
The port of Rye, in East Sussex, is an interesting town with a strong medieval ambiance. I spent a few days there last month thinking it might make an interesting background for a future novel.…

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Double Anniversary

Originally posted on An' de walls came tumblin' down:
Sorry about the recent quiet from within the walls. I’ve been editing and writing and thinking about a new cover and… But I couldn’t let yesterday’s double anniversary go unnoticed. Three…

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Life Imitates Art

Originally posted on Tim's Blog:
Readers of this blog will know that over the past year I have been writing a novel about a woman’s relationship with her elderly father, who moves into a Care Home during the course…

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So… why Treacle?

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Originally posted on The Knitted Curiosity Cabinet:
Treacle  ˈtriːk(ə)l noun: treacle; plural noun: treacles a. British: a thick, sticky dark syrup made from partly refined sugar; molasses.          b. syrup of a golden-yellow colour; golden syrup.  cloying sentimentality or flattery.…

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History People #10: Katharine Johnson, Inspired by Italy

Originally posted on Vanessa Couchman:
Author Katharine Johnson Today, I’m delighted to welcome Katharine Johnson to the History People slot. Lucky Katharine has lived in Italy, which has provided inspiration for her writing and she’s supplied some mouth-watering shots of…

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