History People #5: Sue Barnard, Random and Retrospective?

Vanessa Couchman

Author Sue Barnard Author Sue Barnard

Sue Barnard is not only a friend and fellow Crooked Cat author, but she’s also my editor! Today, she’s here with her author hat on, though, to tell us about her approach to the history she includes in her own books. Take it away, Sue.

Hello, Vanessa.  Thank you for inviting me to your blog today.

Random & Retrospective

Some years ago, I heard history defined (unfortunately I forget by whom) as “a series of random events, retrospectively ordered into chapters”.

To say I’ve always been interested in history wouldn’t be strictly true.  There were long periods during history lessons at school where, despite my teacher’s best efforts, I found myself wondering: What on earth is all this about – and why do we really need to know any of it?

These sentiments have now found their way into the mouth of Ray, the hero of my…

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