Sunday Sojourn – The Ashentilly Letters

Jennifer C. Wilson

Happy Sunday everyone! Today, Yvonne Marjot is talking us through The Ashentilly Letters, and the ‘wonderful’ Scottish weather, in particular… Over to you, Yvonne.

the-ashentilly-letters-reflection-picOceans and Worlds Apart

In The Ashentilly Letters, the third book in the sequence that began with The Calgary Chessman, my two main protagonists find themselves half the world apart. Cas jets off to New Zealand to take care of her elderly, and very ill, grandparents, little knowing that this long-delayed return home will bring new friends into her life. Her son, Sam ends his first year at university with his relationship in crisis, as older lover Niall struggles with feelings of jealousy and fear. Still, that doesn’t stop the two of them from discovering a two-thousand-year-old mystery that will change the archaeological map of Scotland.


The name Ashentilly probably comes from a Scots Gaelic phrase, Eas an Tulaidh, the waterfall on the green…

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