Views of #Corsica

How quickly do two years pass? In a flash. The House at Zaronza celebrates its second birthday today. Thank you to my readers for all the lovely comments I’ve received. Corsica remains one of my biggest sources of inspiration.

Vanessa Couchman

Romantic Corsican landscape Romantic Corsican landscape

The House at Zaronza is two years old today. To celebrate, here is a photo journey through some of the places and views on Corsica that have inspired me during our six visits there. I have taken hundreds of photos on Corsica, but these are among my favourites. I can feel a seventh visit coming on…

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About nessafrance

We moved to an 18th-century farmhouse in SW France in 1997. I'm fascinated by French history, rural traditions and customs. I also write historical novels and short stories.
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2 Responses to Views of #Corsica

  1. I love your photos. The church is a wonderful setting for tales. “Memory” touched me. It made so plain – the painful life of a caregiver and the person being cared for. Bravo!

    • nessafrance says:

      That church plays a small part in my novel! Some of the Corsican churches are wonderful; small and intimate.

      Thank you for taking the trouble of reading “Memory”. That was one of my early competition successes and, as such, means a lot to me.

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