Conquer those writing fears! A chat with Margaret K Johnson

Katy's Writing Coffee Shop

Author Margaret K Johnson (no relation) has dropped into the coffee shop today with some very valuable advice on how to stop negative thoughts getting in the way of our writing.

Q First things first, Margaret – how do you take your coffee?
A White with half a sugar please. Quite strong. Thanks!

Q You’ve just raised a subject that I know lots of writers will be familiar with but that perhaps they don’t talk about very often – how fear stops them writing. What sort of fears are we talking about and what effect can they have?

A I asked authors in various online forums about their writing fears, and had quite a lot of responses. When I analysed them, they seemed to fall into four main categories – Obstacles and Author Mind Set (so real barriers to writing (like dyslexia, childcare responsibilities etc) but also barriers that are…

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About margaretkajohnson

I am the author of The Goddess Workshop and The Dare Club, which I describe as 'roller-coaster women's fiction' - novels designed to make you laugh and cry. I also write fiction for people learning to speak English. These are published by Cambridge University Press and Cengage Learning in America.
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