Back in the Room

Emma Rose Millar

Hello everybody. I’m clearing the cobwebs from my much neglected blog. Over the last few months I’ve had my head down and been concentrating on writing, which after all is what writers like to do most of all! Here’s my new office; got to make the most of all that lovely sunshine!


One novella, eight children’s stories, one broken laptop and several pots of coffee later, I’m finally back to blogging again and very pleased to announce that my new novella, The Women Friends, based on the work of Gustav Klimt and co-written with the wonderful Miriam Drori, will be available early next year.


The novella is an imaginary take on the lives of two of Klimt’s muses: Janika, a successful Jewish model, and Selina, a country girl, desperate to escape the demons of her past and searching for solace in the glittering city of Vienna.

Here are some of…

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Mum, chocolate maker, author of THE WOMEN FRIENDS: SELINA and the award-winning novel FIVE GUNS BLAZING.
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