Adrien Martin

Two Cats chatting in my back garden……

The Bingergread Cottage

Hi Ailsa, thank you for having me on your blog today, it’s great to be here. The journey here was a little bumpy and the suspensions aren’t great on the horse and carts of modern day Cornish travel. It was quite a trek from the countryside to here.

Yes, that’s why I sent the carpet over to you. I think it met up with you about Plymouth. Quality Axminstert

Nice to share a few stories over a swift brandy or two. I hear you were in the Air Force? How long for and what did you do?

Yes I was a baby-Rupert for four years until invalided out (a habit of mine) and I ended up doing survival instruction and intake training. Me n my lil babies. 

I was in the army myself, didn’t quite know what to do with my life at the age of 18, so after an argument with…

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My blog for all things spiritual. Author, shaman, knitter and motorcycle freak. Have published seven novels with two more in the pipeline pus two non- fiction works to come.
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