The Return of the Bard-Lady

The Bingergread Cottage

Today I’m outside in the garden waiting for the magic carpet to arrive with another of my “on line family” of adopted beloveds. Sue Barnard is coming in to land and – oh she’s brought me ginger beer!

Here you are, Ailsa. I’ve tried to keep it chilled in transit, but you might want to pop it into the fridge as soon as you can. It’s lovely to be back. I say – what a delicious-looking spread! I thought I told you not to go to any trouble!

Bless you, Sue, no trouble at all. How lovely. I’ll get stuck into this ginger beer while you help yourself to yummy things on the garden table. Yes, Lily, it’s Auntie Sue who doesn’t mind you sitting on her lap.

Welcome. Now, Bard-woman, Let’s hear about your work in progress. I am lucky enough to have had a sneaky preview but I…

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