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Shakespeare: the Naked Truth by Sue Barnard

Originally posted on Jeff Gardiner's Blog:
Fellow Crooked Cat, Sue Barnard, gives us a timely reminder of Shakespeare’s importance to all writers – and speakers – of English… This coming Saturday (23 April 2016) commemorates the 400th anniversary of…

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Unblocking Spell

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N Story for the #atozchallenge

Originally posted on An' de walls came tumblin' down:
“Nothing I don’t do ever goes right,” she said. “Nothing?” he said. “Never? Negative today, aren’t we?” “No,” she said. “Numbly truthful.” “Noodle cooking you do well.” “Noodle cooking – yes.”…

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#atinylife Novel

Originally posted on Stella Hervey Birrell:
  Today I have been thinking…about my novel. Aye, right. As if I’ve been thinking about anything else for the last two months. It feels wrong, somehow, talking about this on the blog. I’m…

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Poetry and Music

Originally posted on Tim's Blog:
Alongside writing, my other great creative passion has always been music – specifically the guitar, both electric and acoustic (though I have been known to play a bit of keyboards too).  I’ve been in…

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