Nanny Ab heads South

The Bingergread Cottage

If you haven’t read Four Go Mad in Catalonia you can get it through this link.

Despite her (mis)adventures in that one, Nanny Ab agreed to accompany the Ancient Mariner, this time with only one faithful hound and a bloody-minded cat back towards the scene of those disasters. They went south.

Why south? Well for the sun, of course. Living here in the Eastern Mountains, Spring arrives, flowers burst forth, small animals whizz about but the warmth isn’t there. It was coming. Gradually the temperatures crept up, hesitated a bit more, then slipped back again. The Ancient Mariner needed “proper sun” and was determined to find it.

Vanner front on Vanner

He had been away a couple of times in the new camping-car and felt it was time Nanny Ab got acquainted with it. She had her doubts having found her crumbling spine did not like the seating arrangements either in the home-made…

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