The Bingergread Cottage

It’s well known that tales as they are passed down through generations become mangled. I have it on very good authority (one of my tiny dragons told lizardme) that this is exactly what has happened to the “patron saint” of England. It was all a horrible misunderstanding which is why you will never see a dragon out on 23rd April. Mainly they are watching performances of Shakespeare.

The young lady (princess, whatever she is supposed to have been) was very beautiful but as so often the case in those days, under a curse. For one night of each month she became a dragoness herself and had to go and hide away.

Her father, slightly suspicious and evil-minded about her mixing with young men, wanted to know where she kept disappearing. Under torture, she admitted what had happened which, as it was due to her mother philandering with a demi-dragon in the…

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