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Alongside writing, my other great creative passion has always been music – specifically the guitar, both electric and acoustic (though I have been known to play a bit of keyboards too).  I’ve been in a few bands in my time, but recent attempts to get some kind of combo together have not come to anything. There are few things more frustrating than putting a lot of effort into a cooperative endeavour only for it to fall apart without ever coming to fruition. I got rather disillusioned with the whole process.

Yet the urge to do something with music was still there. I could still play at home for my own pleasure, of course, and I could make recordings. But like any form of creative activity, music is in part a form of communication. It needs an audience as well as a performer. These days there is no shortage of opportunity to perform music to an…

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About T E Taylor

I write historical and contemporary fiction - my novels Zeus of Ithome and Revolution Day are published by Crooked Cat. I also write poetry, academic non-fiction (philosophy) and the occasional short story. I like to play the guitar and walk up hills. Originally from north Staffordshire, I live in Meltham, West Yorkshire, UK with my wife Rosa.
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