Letters from Elsewhere: Dougal

An' de walls came tumblin' down

Letters from Elsewhere

Today’s visitor is one of a kind. He’s called Dougal and he’s decided to write one of those letters to his younger self.

Dear little one,

You hated the thought of leaving the shores of Kent, the land of honey, Sky TV, siblings and mother’s milk for the unknown crime-ridden Metropolis, brim full to bursting with rules, vicious dogs and air pollution.  

Have I loved and protected you, the puppy in me? Kept alive your aspirations, quelled your fears and led you sensibly down the passage of time, helping to curb your excesses, fulfil your dreams and discover your role in life? How to be a man’s best friend: helping him through the trials of life, be it flu, sad times or a self-induced hangover.    

How have you fared? Has keeping a diary helped?

This particular date is forever etched in my memory.
16th May  (A quote…

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