Sunday Sojourn – with Olga Swan

March’s first Sunday Sojourn, welcomes Olga Swan to talk history…

Jennifer C. Wilson

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Sunday Sojourn, where I’m joined by Olga Swan, to talk about her war-based historical novels.

11011827_1448756408784753_5820523840172230945_nSo tell me, what first attracted you to the eras you’ve written about?

The first draft of Lamplight grew from reading some of my late father’s diaries. One entry recorded a voyage he took in June 1933 on board SS Manhattan from New York to Plymouth. My character David Klein, therefore, is on this very same vessel on the same date. I’ve always been interested in this period of history.

41Bb-lfj8kL._AA160_ Cover art for Lamplight

What sparked your first foray into historical fiction?

History for me has always been very important. It’s how we learn about ourselves. However, more importantly, it records all the tragic errors man made in the past. How else can we hope to avoid doing such terrible things in the future so that they never, ever…

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