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Stella Hervey Birrell blogs today about the arrival of Spring. An annual event worthy of a blog, more so (apparently) than Valentines or Christmas?

Stella Hervey Birrell

I’m sitting in my writing hour.

I face the wall, as recommended by Stephen King (On Writing), but I can see the window. Yesterday, it was light when I woke Mr HB up at seven. It’s dark today at six when I let the cat out. So I think: it’s still dark. It’s Winter.

Then a click clacking starts outside, see-saw cawing, carking and crooking.

It’s the rooks. Flying past the top corner of my window, large black hankies sharp against a grey clouded sky. A group, then another batch, then more. For the first time this year, leaving home for work at daybreak, just like we do. And I know.

Finally. Rooks

It’s Spring.

It’s getting lighter.

I live somewhere where birds fly past the window all the time.


And then I realise there are less of them every year.

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About atinylife140

This is the website and blog of tinylifer Stella Hervey Birrell. I'm a writer living in East Lothian, Scotland. My first novel, How Many Wrongs make a Mr Right? was published in 2016. I wanted to start a blog that wouldn’t encroach much into anyone’s day, with a nod to Twitter’s use of brevity as a USP (I use 140 words per post, they used to insist on 140 characters per post). In the blog, I want to mostly focus on the little things, the ones that lift us, keep us going on the difficult days. The visuals will also be deliberately simple: a post-it note with an illustration in pencil (Stella HB, you see?). Thanks for reading!
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