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For anyone desperately looking for a non-Valentine’s blog today…

Stella Hervey Birrell

Today I have been thinking about … parking.

Here in the village, I rarely park, I walk. Roads, built and shaped long before cars, don’t lend themselves to parked cars, and winding country lanes don’t make for safe parking spaces. So we walk, and breathe, picking long grasses to trail in the breeze.

But if I go into Edinburgh, heck! this tinylifer has to know exactly where she is parking. I need a plan. On Chamber Street, maximum four hours, but the museum is right there? Or for free, in Meadow Bank or Ocean Terminal?Parking

The reality is this: if I choose to park at Chamber Street, I can pay.

And if I choose to park further away, I can walk as far as necessary.

If you have to make a choice, at least it means that you have a choice.

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About atinylife140

This is the website and blog of tinylifer Stella Hervey Birrell. I'm a writer living in East Lothian, Scotland. My first novel, How Many Wrongs make a Mr Right? was published in 2016. I wanted to start a blog that wouldn’t encroach much into anyone’s day, with a nod to Twitter’s use of brevity as a USP (I use 140 words per post, they insist on 140 characters per post). In the blog, I want to mostly focus on the little things, the ones that lift us, keep us going on the difficult days. The visuals will also be deliberately simple: a post-it note with an illustration in pencil (Stella HB, you see?). Thanks for reading!
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