Great reads!

New Beltane cover front x 1760The Beltane Choice, Book 1 of  my Celtic Fervour Series of historical adventures, set in northern Celtic/ Roman Britain AD 71, is one of the 3 featured historical adventures on the Crooked Cat Books page on Facebook for the week beginning 22nd January.

On my own blog you can read about why I chose to write about this amazing time period and location which not many authors write about. Click this link HERE to access the post.

Alongside The Beltane Choice are 2 other wonderful historical novels – Zeus of Ithome and Five Guns Blazing – both of which I’ve personally read and completely recommend to anyone who loves historical novels, and historical adventures.

CCBI read Zeus of Ithome after it was first published and got thoroughly involved in Ancient Messenia and, as is my habit, I posted a short review about what I enjoyed in the book.

I’ve just finished reading five Guns Blazing which took me to a later time period initially in London in the early 1700s and then to the plantations of the Caribbean. I also enjoyed this engrossing read and I’ve written my thoughts on Five Guns Blazing on my blog which you can access HERE if you’re interested.

Enjoy your weekend, hopefully Crooked Cat published, reading!

About Nancy Jardine

I write historical novels, contemporary history/mysteries, saga, and time-travel novels for readers aged 10 and older.
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