Sunday Sojourn – with Angela Wren

The final Sunday Sojourn of 2015, welcomes Angela Wren.

Jennifer C. Wilson

So, Christmas Day is over, Boxing Day is all boxed up – time to relax, and read this Sunday’s interview. Today, I’m joined by Angela Wren, to talk about her writing, including Messandrierre, which was released on 6th December.

AEWNov26-168x233 Angela Wren

So, tell me a bit about the setting you’ve written about.

My novels are contemporary. My first one, Messandrierre which was published on December 6th, is set in the recent past and begins in September 2007.  The setting is the Cévennes in France – a place I have visited often. Whilst I was there in September 2007 it began to snow overnight and the scenery the next morning was stunning.  That was when I had the idea for a body being buried and the evidence of the grave being hidden because of the snow.  It’s a description of the burial, the snow and the mountains that begins my story.


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