Busy, busy, busy

This week I am featured on the blog of author Victoria Howard.  Thank you Victoria for such a wonderful opportunity.  Here is a snippet for you to enjoy!
Lac de Sainte Croix
..my light bulb moment was my decision to escape the rat race.  I started visiting areas of France I’d never had the time to go to before; I stayed in places I’d just driven through in the past and I wrote more seriously.  But when you have scenery like this to look at for as long as you want, it is hard not to be inspired.
I visited the Cévennes and took my Stevenson with me and, over three weeks, I followed his route from Le Monastier to Allais along with my version of Modestine – a Landrover!  That journey took me across some stunning countryside, tiny villages where everything stopped for lunch and the family, through vast groves of walnut trees and along winding mountain passes…

If you want to read more about France, Renoir, an interesting spot for lunch then go on over to Victoria’s blog using this link :http://authorvictoriahoward.blogspot.com/2015/12/welcome-angela-wren.html

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