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Margaret K Johnson says:
I’m delighted to be on the Between The Lines blog today! A fabulously enlightening blog post and a lovely review of Taming Tom Jones.

  • TTJ CoverAuthor: Margaret K Johnson
  • Published: October 2015 by Crooked Cat Publishing
  • Category: Contemporary Romance
  • four-half-stars

Jen’s partner Michael has never been in a relationship for more than four years, so with their fourth anniversary coming up, she’s getting understandably nervous. Especially as she’s just discovered she’s pregnant, and she knows Michael doesn’t want any more children other than Kyle, his teenage son.

Jen and her partner, Michael, met at a fancy dress party almost four years ago. Michael made it clear from the start he didn’t want children as he already has a son from a former relationship. Jen has just discovered she’s pregnant and is apprehensive of Michael’s reaction and elated because she’s been quashing her desire to be a mother. Despite her friend Marcia’s urging she didn’t set out to deceive Michael, it’s just one of those unforeseen occurrences. motorcycle-462793_640Jen has every intention of telling Michael immediately but he…

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I'm a dog-owning, tree-loving author of women's fiction and fiction for people learning to speak English. I'm also an artist and enjoy painting and making collages. I live in Norwich, UK with my partner and son.
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