Sunday Sojourn – with Scott Perkins

Happy Sunday all! For today’s Sunday Sojourn, I’m joined by Scott Perkins, talking about his novel, Howard Carter Saves the World.

Jennifer C. Wilson

Something a bit different this week, as I’m joined by Scott Perkins, to tell me about his novel Howard Carter Saves the World, released this year by Crooked Cat Publishing. This is a time-travel coming-of-age story, and Scott is happy to tell us more…

Scott Perkins Scott Perkins

So, Scott, tell me a bit about Howard Carter

Howard Carter is a coming of age story for young mad scientists. It’s packed with robots, freeze rays, pirates, mad science teachers, sapient puppets, flying cats, secret government agencies, alien invasions, time travel, jetpacks, and pistachio pudding. (Because what fun is a coming of age story without dessert?)

In many ways, it is the result of the author getting profoundly irritated by the sheer number of dismal dystopias on the shelf at his local bookstore, and deciding that there had to be someone out there injecting some fun back into our visions of the future.

What first…

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