Something for the Weekend with Nik Morton

Nik Morton shares a very generous extract with us from Catacomb – part of The Avenging Cat series.

Shani Struthers


It’s been a busy week on the blog but my final guest this week is Nik Morton, author of many fine books including The Avenging Cat series. Here he talks about what inspired it and shares a generous excerpt. Happy reading folks!

Genesis of the Cat

When I conceived the ‘Avenging Cat’ series, I wanted it to be fast-paced, travelling to many foreign places, laced with humour, injected with suspense, and containing some interesting larger-than-life characters, both good and bad. And as the majority of readers are female, I thought the main character should be a resourceful but flawed young woman. All within about 50,000 words per self-contained adventure.

Catherine Vibrissae emerged fully formed, a trained chemist who turns to modelling on the catwalk to earn enough money to pursue her vendetta against Loup Malefice, the founder and owner of Cerberus, a global corporation.

Why does she hate Malefice? Because…

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