“I’m Going to Whip You!” – Researching at the Galleries of Justice Museum

Emma Rose Millar


I’ve been meaning to write a post on this marvellous place for ages, but things like work, being a mum and the occasional bit of writing kept getting in the way. As part of my research into 18th century crime and punishment, I had the pleasure of visiting Nottingham’s Galleries of Justice Museum. I was in Nottingham on an interpreting course for my day job, but time being extremely limited, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and go along to the museum to find out what I could about the justice system three hundred years ago.

We were greeted by a lady dressed as a Victorian barrister, who first pointed out a gibbet hanging above our heads. I was hooked already; one of my leading gents in Five Guns Blazing was gibbeted and his body displayed just outside Port Royal in Jamaica. A gibbet was…

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Mum, chocolate maker, author of THE WOMEN FRIENDS: SELINA and the award-winning novel FIVE GUNS BLAZING.
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