Sunday Sojourn – with Carol Hedges

Thanks to Carol Hedges for joining my on my blog today, to talk about her writing and research processes.

Jennifer C. Wilson

This Sunday, I’m delighted to welcome Carol Hedges to my blog, for this week’s Sunday Sojourn.

Carol Hedges Carol Hedges

What first attracted you to the era you’ve written about?

My period is the mid Victorian one – the 1860s. It’s the time of Wilkie Collins, who wrote the first ‘detective’ novel (The Moonstone), Charles Dickens, WM Thackeray and Mrs Gaskell. It’s the time of railways, chloroform, mass circulation of newspapers, a couple of cholera attacks and Bazalgette’s sewers.
I love the entire Victorian age, but a lot of fiction is based on the 1880s (Jekyll & Hyde, Sherlock Holmes) and a lot of modern histfic writers write in that time also, so I decided to drop back twenty years and see what I could find to write about. I love Victorian novels, and studied them at university and part of the challenge for me was…

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