Sunday Sojourn – with Tim Taylor

Thank you to Tim for taking time today to talk about his novels and writing process.

Jennifer C. Wilson

Today, I’m delighted to be joined by Tim Taylor, to talk about his writing and current releases.

T E Taylor T E Taylor

Hi Tim, tell me a bit about your current release, Revolution Day.

My second novel, Revolution Day was released this summer. It recounts a year in the life of fictional Latin American dictator Carlos Almanzor. Now in his seventies, he is feeling his age and seeing enemies everywhere he looks. This is not without reason: Manuel, his Vice-President, is burning with frustration at his subordinate position. When his attempts to raise his profile are met with humiliating rejection, he resolves to take action. But lacking a military power base, he must further his bid for power not by force but through intrigue.

Meanwhile, Carlos’s estranged and imprisoned wife, Juanita, is writing a memoir of his regime and their marriage. She recalls the revolution that brought them to power and how…

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