Marcus Vettius Bolanus who isn’t quite in The Beltane Choice

New Beltane cover front x 1760This post is by Nancy Jardine.

My #Welcome Wednesday slot is often taken up by a guest post from a Crooked Cat author, but that’s not what’s happening today. Instead, I’m writing about the turbulent times which precede the beginning of my historical romantic adventure The Beltane Choice, the first book of the Celtic Fervour Series.

Book 1 begins in  AD 71 northern Britannia but you can read what took place just before this point in time on my blog today. Click HERE to find out Marcus Vettius Bolanus, the Roman Governor of Britannia from AD 69-71.

Bolanus is one of the Ancient Romans I’m writing about in a mini series of Governors of Britannia and Roman Emperors of the Flavian Dynasty.

About Nancy Jardine

I write historical novels, contemporary history/mysteries, saga, and time-travel novels for readers aged 10 and older.
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