Something For the Weekend with Neither Here Nor There…

Shani Struthers

The second author to feature on Friday’s Something for the Weekend is Miriam Drori, who writes about what inspired her to write her novel, Neither Here Nor There, a huge seller on Amazon – being in limbo basically – set between London and Jerusalem. Take it away, Miriam…

Greetings from Limbo

I think there are three parts to making a change:

  1. Make the decision to change
  2. Make the change happen
  3. Get used to the change

The first stage can be split-second or it can develop over years. The second can be gradual or quick depending on the nature of the change. The third is bound to take time. The bigger the change, the more time it will take.

I remember my dad talking about giving up smoking. He’d started smoking because it was expected of every young man when he reached maturity. In the army, in the second world war…

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About Miriam

Writer, editor, attempter of this thing called life.
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