Released today! Taming Tom Jones by Margaret K Johnson #Guest post & #Excerpt

On the day that Taming Tom Jones is published, Margaret K Johnson is on the Between The Lines Blog speaking about some of the background to the book and inviting you to the launch party!

Between the Lines ~ Books’n’Stuff

TTJ CoverHer partner Michael has never been in a relationship for more than four years, so with their fourth anniversary coming up, Jen’s getting understandably nervous. Especially as she’s just discovered she’s pregnant, and she knows Michael doesn’t want any more children other than Kyle, his teenage son. 

She means to tell Michael about the baby right away, but then he comes home on a brand new motorbike, having traded in his sensible car, and the moment is lost. Is Michael having an early mid-life crisis? 

Jen decides to do some detective work about Michael’s exes in an effort to save their relationship, and embarks on a journey that will take her as far afield as North Norfolk and Cuba. But she has no idea of the can of worms she’s about to open. 

Why do all Michael’s relationships break up? And what’s the big secret he’s hiding?

I’m very pleased…

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About margaretkajohnson

I am the author of The Goddess Workshop and The Dare Club, which I describe as 'roller-coaster women's fiction' - novels designed to make you laugh and cry. I also write fiction for people learning to speak English. These are published by Cambridge University Press and Cengage Learning in America.
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